Construction Hoists

Construction Hoists

Constructions hoists come in numerous types sizes and payloads. They’re used to transport passengers, materials, tools, equipment, plant the list is endless, anything you need lifted vertically to different levels of buildings a construction hoist is the number 1 choice.

Not only are construction hoists used for buildings they can be used for a variety of projects. At Severn Sky our engineers have worked on some high profile jobs where construction hoists have been used, for example Queensferry Crossing where 6 Alimaks were installed to build the highest free standing bridge towers.  Starting with 3 Alimaks used to transport passengers and material to build the caissons in the sea for foundations of the bridge towers, then the 2nd set of 3 alimaks used to assist the build of the bridge towers up to the underneath of the road deck and then the 1st 3 re used from topside of the road deck climbing over 200m above sea level to the top

Construction hoists are widely used in all areas. Typically ranging from 300 kg up to 5,500kg, 1.5m up to 5m in length single mast or twin masted. There’s nowhere you wouldn’t be able to install machinery, Severn Sky take engineering seriously and pride ourselves in problem solving.

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