Mast climbing work platforms London

Mast Climbers London

Severn Sky Engineering are specialists in the installation and dismantling of mast climbing work platforms in London.  

Otherwise known as Mast climbers.

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MastClimber Installers London

Construction projects in London are constantly evolving, and with each passing year, new technologies emerge that help make construction safer, faster, and more efficient.

One of the most exciting innovations in recent years is the mast climber, a specialised piece of equipment that revolutionises the way construction projects are completed.

Mast climbers are vertical access machines that allow workers to reach elevated areas quickly and safely, making them an essential tool for high-rise construction projects. They are designed to provide a stable and secure platform for workers as they move up and down the building, allowing them to perform tasks efficiently and with greater ease.

We can show you how mast climbers are changing the face of construction projects and how they are contributing to the industry’s growth by enabling contractors to scale new heights.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms London

Mast Climbers are fantastic machines with endless configuration and options. Used to minimise time and effort to clad buildings, fit windows and out of reach repairs without the use of scaffolding. Mast Climbers eliminate carrying tools and materials up and down ladders and allow workers to get to exactly where they need to be without the inevitable climbing handrails to get that extra reach sometimes required.

Mastclimbers London

Mast Climbing Platforms can span the whole of most buildings in one configuration. With a huge span of almost 42m in length, typically Mastclimbers have a capacity between 750 kg – 5500 kg, for the smaller 450 type and a massive 2,230 kg – 7,240 kg for 650 type machines. These machines are reliable, robust and have the true versatility of your needs.

Elevate Your Construction Efficiency with MastClimbers London

Are you looking for a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional scaffolding for your construction projects?

Look no further than Mastclimbers in London – the innovative and versatile equipment that’s revolutionising the way construction work is done.

Mastclimbers, also known as mast climbing work platforms or MCWPs, are advanced construction equipment designed to provide a secure and stable working platform at various heights on building facades or structures.

These robust platforms consist of a mast (vertical tower) and a platform that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to suit different project requirements.

Why Choose Mast Climbers London?

Enhanced Safety: Safety is a top priority in the construction industry. Mast climbers offer a safer alternative to traditional scaffolding, as they provide a stable and enclosed platform for workers, reducing the risk of falls and accidents.

Increased Efficiency: With mast climbers, construction tasks can be completed more efficiently and quickly. The ease of vertical and horizontal movement allows workers to access different areas of the building facade without the need for time-consuming dismantling and reassembly.

Versatility: Mast climbers are highly versatile and adaptable to various construction projects, including new construction, restoration, painting, facade repairs, and window installations.

Cost-Effectiveness: While mast climbers might seem like a significant investment, they can lead to cost savings in the long run. Their efficiency and reduced labor requirements can help projects meet deadlines more effectively, resulting in overall cost savings.

Eco-Friendly: As construction becomes more environmentally conscious, mast climbers offer a greener alternative to traditional scaffolding. They generate less waste and reduce the need for excessive material transportation.

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