Mast Climbers

Mast Climbers | Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Mast Climbers are fantastic machines with endless configuration and options.

Used to minimise time and effort to clad buildings, fit windows and out of reach repairs without the use of scaffolding.  Mast Climbers eliminate carrying tools and materials up and down ladders and allow workers to get to exactly where they need to be without the inevitable climbing handrails to get that extra reach sometimes required.

Mast Climbing Platforms can span the whole of most buildings in one configuration. With a huge span of almost 42m in length, typically Mastclimbers have a capacity between 750 kg – 5500 kg, for the smaller 450 type and a massive 2,230 kg – 7,240 kg for 650 type machines.  These machines are reliable, robust and have the true versatility of your needs.

Severn Sky Hoist and Mastclimber installers can do it all!

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