Servicing and Breakdowns

Servicing And Breakdowns

Severn Sky Engineering Ltd are experienced and qualified to carry out service and maintence on your rack and pinion driven lift or hoist. We are a specialist vertical access company with years of experience in construction and industrial rack & pinion lifts and hoists.  

We conduct all of our scheduled maintenance to the manufacturer’s standards stated in the equipment’s operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals.  Did you know that each component requires specific checks dependant on running hours or age?

We know exactly what to look for and when it needs to be looked at.  By conducting quarterly servicing you can reduce breakdowns by 70%, we can also predict future failings of equipment and recommend replacement of key components by gauging wear limits.

What we do and why we do it


Each roller will be de-loaded checked for any bearing play, spins with the correct resistance, (if it’s dry it will spin like a skateboard wheel). We also check that the roller has movement on the shaft, this helps when the machine is travelling and there’s change with weight distribution or any movement, so the roller doesn’t wear unevenly.


Whether your machine has 1, 3, 6 or even 24 pinions they will all need to be checked, we check for wear patterns conditions and even measure pinions, measuring pinions is a great way to check how your machine is performing over time by calculating machine running hours and time.


Your machines brakes are just as, if not more important than the machine running, depending on the type of brake this can wear completely different.

Typically, if the machine drives and stops fine then we would check the air gap, record it, and compare it to previous findings. If the machines don’t stop where it should and runs over slightly then a thorough check on your brake
pads/disc will be required and changed if necessary.


With new component now being built as a sealed unit, checking gears, crown wheels etc, is difficult to do on site. By checking your oil condition and keeping oil levels up and changing oil periodically this keeps your gearboxes going strong.


during a service there’s not much to check on motors, but keeping the fins clean will reduce the chance of overheating, so in short, a simple clean of components goes a long way.


So, we’ve checked the pinions, all looks ok, but is that it? 

No, your pinions need a well lubricated track to run on. The whole rack will be checked for any uneven wear, measured, and recorded.

Electrical Switches And Cables

We will check every switch to ensure circuits are broke/made and function correctly, all glands will be checked to ensure it carries out its primary intention.

Checking cables to make sure they are in good condition, checking there’s no nicks, cuts and any exposed wiring that could cause breakdowns.

Mechanical Components

All moving parts such as doors, locks and everything that may be associated with will be checked to ensure correct functionality.

I.e. doors will remain locked when lift car not present, wire rope for sliding gates are not frayed and all fixings are in place.

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