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Thorough examinations for rack and pinon driven hoists and lifts

Severn Sky Engineering understand the safety and reliability of your machines is priority. 

Our qualified Engineers have vast years of experience in the machines we examine, knowing the machines inside out we know where to look.

We really mean thorough, we go deeper, we treat your machines as if its our own, making records of our findings and keeping a close eye on wear and tear of consumable parts. 

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Thorough Examinations and regular services

To ensure your Hoists and Mast Climbers are safe for the passengers and users of the plant, they need to know they are in safe hands. 

Working at height isn’t for everyone, so to make sure the ones that aren’t, we do what we can to install confidence in them for the plant that can potentially take them 200m up safely.

All passenger Hoists and Mast Climbers will be carried out a maximum 6 months apart. 

A big part of construction is adjusting as it goes on, this implies to your machinery also, as the building goes up so does your machines.  So after any change to your machines you must have this re-examined, this can be as frequent as you like.

Material hoists will be carried out a maximum 12 months and the same rules apply to any changes these machines undertake.

Independent inspection reports

Severn Sky Engineering will perform a non-biased inspection of your site equipment.  This includes all MCWPs (mastclimbers) and construction hoists.  Included will be a fully written report and suggestions for improvements, guidance notes and non-conformities.

Thorough Examinations for construction hoists and MCWPs

As per the regulation LOLER (Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations) all lifting equipment must have an examination every 6 months, this includes when the machine goes into commission and for any modifications made.

We are fully qualified and insured to carry this out to meet your requirements.